Commerical and industrial TwinTank Systems
Fresh water and waste water storage solutions.
TwinTank Systems for enhanced productivity.

TwinTank Systems

Why use Larch Industry for Fresh & Waste Water Storage?

Excellent Service
  • 24 hour on-call customer service
Reliable Product
  • Fully insulated
  • Heated lift stations
  • Prevents freezing in sub-zero weather
  • Ventilated design practically eliminates septic odor
  • Improved standard of living
Fully Contained
  • Spill-proof lift stations
  • Exceeds EPA requirements
Cost Effective
  • Free initial set-up
  • Free moves
  • Competitive pricing
High Capacity Storage
  • Each individual tank holds 3,000 gallons of potable or waste water
  • Easy-to-read fluid level indicators
Space Saving
  • Small footprint
  • System occupies 236 sq. ft. of space
Fast Moves
  • Quick set up & take down
  • Only minutes to lift and move system

Potable Water & Waste Water Storage System

Our TwinTank Systems are a cost-effective solution to enhance your capacity storage with tanks that hold 3,000 gallons of water. The easy-to-read fluid level indicators allow you to track your usage.

Space is limited on oil and gas drilling and completions sites; our small footprint only occupies 236 sq. ft. of space. To save time, the tanks are easy to set up and take down; allowing an entire system to be moved in a matter of minutes. Also, our initial set up and moving of the tanks from pad to pad are free of charge.

Our tanks and lift stations are fully insulated and heated. They are perfect for colder climates by preventing freezing in sub-zero weather.

The ventilated design practically eliminates any septic odor to improve the standard of living and workplace environment. The spill-proof lift stations ensure there are no spills, even in the event of pump malfunction or loss of power.

Improve you crew’s standard of living with superior customer service and high-quality TwinTank Systems.

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